Gospel Reflection


Easter 5

 19 May, 2019

Gospel Reflection

“God does not love you because you are good; you are good because God loves you.” – Richard Rohr

Before any scientist even thought of quantum mechanics and entanglement theory, John the Gospel writer had a notion for an example: love.  Jesus tells his disciples that he has a new commandment for us (John 13:34).  There is nothing new about loving one another.  What is new is that we are to love one another in the same way that Jesus loves us.  To understand the power in this kind of love it is important to know what John the Evangelist means by love.  In 1 John 4:8 he says “God is love.”  When God loves us, self expression, God becomes entangled with us.  Because of God’s observation of us (entanglement theory) we become good (Richard Rohr quote above).  Jesus wants us to love each other in the same way.  We are then entangled and we transform each other.  Now, all that quantum stuff may sound complicated because it is.  But the practice of it is simple, happens every day.  Many a time a person with a low self image, feeling negative about self, feels very different when loved.  Love is a gift of presence that says I am with you and I see that you are wonderful, valuable and precious; and I am now different because of what I see.  That is why Jesus says we can even love enemies and those who hate us.  We are all entangled, all part of the whole in God’s love.