ABM Reflection

St Luke tells us in today’s Gospel reading about how Jesus
healed a crippled woman. Despite this restorative act of God
there was outrage from synagogue leader because the healing
had been performed on the Sabbath. Where in our lives do we
grumble against the good things that God has done for others?

  • Jesus Christ, Healer of the sick, help me see where you
    have acted so that I can praise God, rather than embracing
    hypocrisy and futile anger. May I celebrate the wonderful
    things you have done for others.
  • Give thanks for the work and witness of the Anglican
    Church of Korea, the Daehan Seong Gong Hoe.

Text:           Robert McLean
© Anglican Board of Mission, 2022













Gospel Reflection

Pentecost 11

21 August, 2022

“Any time you can get a little bit of rest it helps.” – Jonathan Cheechoo

 In one sense Jesus is breaking the Sabbath.  In another sense, the sagacity of common sense, Jesus is fulfilling the commands of Sabbath rest.  One sunny Saturday Jesus heals a woman who had been crippled for eighteen years.  She never asked to be healed.  Jesus simply noticed that she needed a rest.  The “hypocrites” (Jesus’ word, Luke 13:15) accused him of breaking the Sabbath which prohibited work.  But the essence of Sabbath is not in what it forbids, but in what it requires.  It requires rest.  Who needs a rest here?  The woman had been bent over for eighteen years.  She was ground down by life, weary and washed out.  Jesus gave her a rest.  He gave her Sabbath.  She had served her time.  Now her Sabbath time had come.  Now, not tomorrow, as the hypocrites suggested.  To use a colloquialism, Jesus was saying to the complainers “give it a rest.”  How about us?  What needs a rest in our lives?  What cripples us so that we are not who we are meant to be?  The woman was bent over.  We may stoop from osteoporosis or from depression and a broken spirit.  Or more ethically speaking, who are we crippling?  Do we hold back anyone else’s potential?  Give it a rest.  Now is the time for Sabbath.  Stop what we are doing right now.  Rest.






St Barnabas’ Parish Prayer


May the people of this Parish be never ceasing in prayer, so that we may all be filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding.

Help us to lead lives worthy of God, fully pleasing to him while bearing fruit in every good work.

May we all be made strong in the power of God, who rescues us from the powers of darkness and transfers us to the Kingdom of his Son in whom we have forgiveness of sins,