History of St Barnabas



In 1926 the suburb of Carlisle was part of the Victoria Park parish.  In April that year a Committee was set up to consider building a church in Carlisle. The building went ahead and on 21 March 1928 the church building in Carlisle was opened (name?) and was dedicated by Archbishop Riley on 21 April 1928.

In 1931 Carlisle was made a separate parish which included Rivervale and Belmont.

The extension of the parish towards Kewdale necessitated the relocation of the church centre and a partially commercial building was acquired, adapted and completed.  On 12 November 1955 the first St Barnabas Church and Church Hall in Star Street were consecrated and dedicated.  The next major development was the dedication of St Michael & All Angels Church in Gladstone Road, Rivervale.

In August 1967 the decision was made to reorganize the Carlisle parish and to rebuild on a central site with funds from the sale of the existing properties.  An acre of land was acquired in Orrong Road and a church complex and rectory built.

The Church of St Barnabas in Orrong Road was consecrated by Archbishop Geoffrey Sambell on 22 August 1971 to serve the districts of Carlisle, Rivervale, Kewdale and Lathlain Park.

In 1984 a Memorial Garden was built across half the width of the front of the Church building and in September 1996 the Memorial Garden was extended to the full width of the front of the building.

Also in September 1996 the Church building was extended to include a new foyer and office.

In 1978 at the celebration of 50 years since the first church building was dedicated in Carlisle it was recorded “with great thankfulness that due to the tremendous effort of the parishioners the new buildings are free of debt – a good start for the next 50 years”

As the Church of St Barnabas Carlisle-Rivervale celebrates it’s 50thAnniversary on 22 August 2021 the Church can again record with thankfulness that through the dedication and faithfulness of its parishioners past and present St Barnabas continues to be debt free. Praise the Lord.