ABM Reflection

In the John 14 reading, Jesus talks to disciples (and to us, the
Church) about how the Holy Spirit will come in his name,
teach us everything, and remind us of his words. He also tells
them he leaves them with his peace and not to be afraid. If I
were to examine myself, would I find areas of my life where I
had been afraid or where I had not listened to the voice of the
Holy Spirit? If we were to examine our churches, would we
find areas of our life where we had been timid or where we
were deaf to the Spirits promptings?

  • Jesus Christ, Quickener of the dead, may I listen for the
    voice of the Spirit, my advocate and guide. May the deep
    peace you offer fill my life.
  • Give thanks for the work and witness of the Church of the
    Province of South East Asia.

Text:           Robert McLean
© Anglican Board of Mission, 2022