ABM Reflection

Abraham had faith in the covenant the Lord made with him. God’s promise of innumerable descendants and great nations would be fulfilled. Abraham became the father of us all and Sarah our mother for she is also given God’s promises – a son and nations and kings as descendants. Both Abraham and Sarah were given new names, no longer Abram and Sarai. The Lord is setting them apart and giving them new lives as parties to the covenant.

  • Righteous One, whose name lives forever, help us to live in faith alone, and walk with you all the days of our lives, regarding not the rule of humanity but the rule of God, that we may be called afresh and be inheritors of your covenant of love for us.
  •  Give thanks for the work and witness of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, the Anglican Church of Hong Kong

Text:           © Anglican Board of Mission, 2020