Next Week’s Diary

Wednesday  2 December   10.00 a.m. – 12 noon Barney’s Free Coffee

Friday           4 December     9.30 a.m. Craft group meets in St Michael’s Room

Saturday      5 December      9.00 a.m. Cake and Craft Stall

Sunday         6 December      8.30 a.m. Eucharist followed by morning tea 

Tuesday        8 December   10.00 a.m. Bible Study



Gospel Reflection

Advent 2

6 December, 2020

“You might find him stuck in a tree in his backyard, pruning branches, creating new paths . . .” – Nancy Brook

If you or I are paths by which God reaches others it is because someone pruned us making us accessible – or rather, making God accessible.  Today’s Gospel is about preparing the way.  John the Baptist is the prime example of the trail blazer.  But he is only the prototype.  Now we take over for him.  The path connecting us and God is not always clear.  It is often like a seldom used mountain trail that has been covered over both with new growth and also rotten fallen trees.  This is the path we navigate through life.  It is sometimes so rough we might twist our ankle.  Such are the twists and turns that life throws our way.  However, there are people in our lives who hack through the bramble and prune the way for us.  They are avenues for God.  They are modern day John the Baptists.  Now it is our turn to prepare the way in the lives of those crossing our paths.  The result is that we are all washed in the Holy Spirit.






Often it is difficult to pray alone at home,so why not try this links you with praying Christians around the world, of many traditions- offering scripture, silence, beautiful music, reflection time, space for contemplation and intercession.

St Barnabas’ Parish Prayer


May the people of this Parish be never ceasing in prayer, so that we may all be filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding.

Help us to lead lives worthy of God, fully pleasing to him while bearing fruit in every good work.

May we all be made strong in the power of God, who rescues us from the powers of darkness and transfers us to the Kingdom of his Son in whom we have forgiveness of sins,